Craftivism of the week:

Male congressmen now being inundated with handmade vaginas

Please do follow & oppose the absolute daunting republican policy / legislation changes in the US re women’s rights.
Some info:

“In the latest brilliant counterstrike against the GOP’s Vag Offensive, The Snatchel Project is encouraging craftswomen to send their congressmen knit and crocheted bags, pouches and decorations in the shape of their favorite ladyparts. Nothing scares a gynophobic congressman like when they open a box and discover what they think is a constituent’s lovely knit hat or scarf, only to pick it up and realize they’ve touched their hands upon the filthy, evil uterus they’ve been fighting so hard to destroy. The site includes patterns and links to teach you how to use your knitting needles to make your own womb (while knitting needles are still used for just knitting).”

and pics:


If I was to yarn bomb again, I would ….



Urban Craft:

So awesome!

Plot 2012. 60 kilograms of potatoes, pallets

Pics here: Peter Root

Urban Stitch Entrepreneurs:

The stitch punk / urban thread blog has a great archive of interviews with people who started crafting for a living / as a business:

see Urban Entrepreneurs


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