Interesting news articles:

NPR june 3 2012: Blacksmiths Forge A New, Artisanal Future. Article & story

New York Times, July 12 2012: For Ohio Pottery, a Small Revival … that is, Starbucks-turns-to-ohio-not-china-for-coffee-mugs. photos and article

Craft research:

It’s hidden but there: read and listen to the great lineup of the Creating New Craft Culture conference & presentations here

Culture policy:

In Europe, Where Art Is Life, Ax Falls on Public Financing

Research by Amanda Fickey:

Cultural Industries and Invasive Species: Ecological Threats to Handicraft Production in Central Appalachia


Fickey, A. 2011. “The focus has to be on helping people make a living”: Exploring Diverse Economies and Alternative Economic Spaces. Geography Compass 5(5): 237-248.

Fickey, A. 2011. The Messy and Complex Politics of Cultural Intervention. Journal of Appalachian Studies 16(1/2 – Spring/Fall 2010): 115-118.

Fickey, A. 2010. Commodifying My Culture: An ‘Appalachian’ Reflects on Her Role in Sustaining a Limited Discourse of Appalachia. disClosure 19: 35-37.


Two different approaches to craft practice?

Bernard Leach: “the pot is the man”

Shoji Hamada: “I simply look at the pot and ask what it wants”

In: Whybrow, Marion 2006. Leach Pottery St Ives. The Legacy of bernard Leach. St Ives: Beach Books.


Read an interesting paper by Law Professor Robert P Merges today. In “From Medieval Guilds to Open Source Software: Informal Norms, Appropriability Institutions, and Innovation” (2004) he connects medieval craft guild to open source software development and knowledge sharing.


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