May 2012

Look what Anna found:

“photo taken from the north devon coast, of gorilla knitting in the wild – wind swept trees covered with wafts of wool from itchy sheep scratching against the branches!”






We’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. Apart from meeting wonderful people and seeing great crafts there are also these moments and views that seem so utterly english – at least to an outsider’s eye

1. of course, there is always the rain:

2. countryside in semi/somewhat urban settings:

or is it the other way around?

3: still catching up on my royal history with a long way to go …

4: surveillance politics

and yes, not last, wonderfully talented and friendly people

for more pics see our flickr photo stream!


craftgeographies’ photostream on Flickr.

new pics from our fieldwork days at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen and their Tetbury Spring show