April 2012

Went to see my sister the other weekend and it seems like these ladies are just everywhere … much like the metaphors they stand for …

The other curious thing: why are bikes forbidden in Holland (pic 3)?


Uh, this project is sooo great! I want our ladybirds to also become joy birds šŸ˜‰

Here is what its creator has to say about it: ”

“I was curious, so I created an interactive art experiment designed to answer that question. The goal is to document what brings Portland Joy, and to give a little joy back to the city that I love so much.

Throughout the month of March 2012 I left 200 Joy Bots in random locations throughout the city of Portland. People that found a Joy Bot where invitedĀ to photograph it with something that brings them joy […] Finally participants were invited to leave their Bot in another random location in Portland to continue the experiment.”

See amazing pics and project detailsĀ here