The beginning of spring,

today, March 21st, and it is grey as so often in England. Even more reason to support Rausfrauen’s “spring awakening” call ( to decorate and enliven our towns with “fancy colorful art in the open space .”  And so we knitted, crochet, embroidered and sewed to provide our fellow overworked and stressed out academic colleagues with a cheerful spring morning smile …

… battled against and with cleaning and security staff but so far our “hazardous” knitted ladybirds and crochet flowers are still in place.

The ladybird is watching and we are following …

It has seen everything. Has been everywhere. Their names range from A. Greig and Ajaypal S. to William T. II and William V. and the 496 others in between that represent all the first names of fortune 500 CEOs.

The “lady” knows about global trade and exploitation. Indeed, on the shopping bags of a major UK retailer, it’s been part of everyday British consumer culture and experience.

And … now that they’re here, following the lady and all other “things” (, will be our next “mission.”

What a beginning of spring.