I love that crafting is intergenerational. I think that’s one of the greatest strengths of crafts: connecting and bringing together different age groups, enabling them to talk to each and other, spending time together, doing things together…

It was my grandma who first introduced me to crafting – some time in kindergarten. We would stitch, knit and crochet together before I knew how to read. Later, my granddad repaired my great-grandmother’s old singer sewing machine (one with no electricity but a foot pedal & wheel and nothing but a straight stitch forward) and thus I became the in-house “fashion designer” for my sister’s & her girlfriends’ barbie collection.

Found a pic of my first sewing book:

Now, already then, I thought it was not my “style” and kind of old fashioned … to be sure: my dolls did never ever wear a dirndl! (and yes, when my mom forced that embroidered white blouse on me for my granddad’s 70s, I cried for hours!).

There are a “million” funny (now) stories to share about the stylistic issues of intergenerational crafting (i.e. in my case, my (professional seamstress/fashion designer) grandma & avid knitter mom (“collaborating” with us – or not (often) – in) clothing the entire family. Sure there were tensions and strong opinions – there still are. Still, I cannot thank them enough for their patience, efforts and time to instill this appreciation for crafts and devotion to crafting in me!

I have learned a lot from books, blog tutorial, workshops … but my comfort and easy with these techniques goes back to the intergenerational teaching and practice with my mom and grandma.

What led me to write all this?

I adore the picture N posted of Enid knitting a yarn bombing ladybird on our flickr account.


Hence I am reposting here. It shows so well the capacities for intergenerational exchange and collaboration!

I do wonder though, what Enid thinks about yarn bombing?

On that note: do check out the Graffiti Grannys project:


Local (i.e. south-west England) yarn bombing, intergenerational!!!! So great!