We’ll be contributing to Rausfrauen’s call for yarn bombing on March 21st!!!!

First meeting: TUESDAY, February 14th, 12.30 – common room, geography. ALL INVITED!!!!

Bring ideas, crafted objects, materials, tools ….

Also, we’ll be teaming up with http://followthethings.com/Home.html in reusing and repurposing their “follow the things” bags and other materials.


Here’s the Rausfrauen’s little blurb:

On the 21st of March (= beginning of spring) we want to welcome spring with fancy colorful art in the open space and we invite you groups to do the same in your towns.

Set up someting (from a small crochet-flower to whatever your imagination and fingers bring up), send us a photo with your name and city and the link to your page (raufrauen@yahoo.de) and we’ll post all of the photos on our facebook-page in a “Spring-awakening”-album.
Feel free to invite fellow knitters, crocheters, sewers, etc. and let’s get connected!
Yours Rausfrauen www.facebook.com/dierausfrauen